"Intercorrupted" available everywhere March 19th!
"Intercorrupted" available everywhere March 19th!
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Welcome to the Ra Intercorrupted 30-Day Limited presale! We are super excited to be bringing you a brand new full length LP on our new label, Wake Up Music! Our first in 7 years! For those of you who have followed us the whole time, we are so grateful and feel honored that we get the chance to make another record for you. For those of you who may be new, we are just as honored that you have taken the time to check us out! Since our first release in 2002, From One, we have tried to push the boundaries of what commercial hard rock can aspire to be. Very difficult to achieve, but with today’s more diverse playing field and the ability to market directly to people via streaming and social media we felt compelled to come back and try once again. We feel very good about the results! We also feel good about the features we have on this record! We will announce those around the halfway point of the event.

So, let's talk about the presale! The album art and associated merch sold during the next 30 days via this page will be exclusive. That means, when the presale is over, these limited edition items will not be available again. We really dig the design for the presale and we’re hoping you guys do too! There will be a link to our regular merch page as well in case you’re interested. As a presale customer of any package, you will get a link emailed to you for some instant downloads including Intercorrupted, Intercorrupted acoustic, the entire Ra catalog, some special videos and some early tracks off the new album as the presale goes on. We intend to ship and release all packages the first few days of March, providing we don’t hit any issues with Covid delays, so (shipping permitting) you should receive the album at least 1 week before everyone else does on March 19th!

The money we make here will be used to continue to promote the album throughout the year, so we appreciate your patronage greatly, especially during trying times.

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